Walk in God’s Balance

For Believers and non-Believers alike balance is not something we always excel at. Yet, for Believers, balance is uniquely important because it aligns us with God. 

Remember the Sadducees and Pharisees Jesus encountered. Yes, they ‘did’ many of the things that God’s Word says, but they lost the balance of their walk with God through the mixture they allowed. So much so that those they deemed unworthy, but who walked in faith, were able to maintain a more balanced walk than they…

Join us as we discover the importance of a balanced walk and how we can learn to implement it daily, aligning our walk with God!

God’s Balance

Within God’s Creation and Word we see a beautiful display of balance…

  • God created day AND night
  • God created days of work AND days of rest—Sabbaths
  • God created cool seasons AND warm seasons
  • God created waking AND sleeping
  • God created seed time AND harvest time
  • God says a thing AND does it
  • God created man AND woman

On and on we see that there are actions and reactions. There is one thing, and there is another. And that in them, there is balance. Yet, this is not balance like many who do not know God view it… 

Many who do not believe God have tried to steal this principle, twisting it into horrible counterfeits, until God is ‘no longer a factor’ and the purpose and use of balance has disintegrated. 

God-aligned balance is far different… it highlights God’s perfection and serves as a beautiful directional tool from Him. And while yes, there are certainly absolutes: right and wrong, holiness and unholiness. There are still many things that God desires us to have balance in.

Walking in Balance

Work and Rest…

There is a time and a reason for work… It is action creating a reaction, and when the work is aligned with God and His ways, the reaction is a wonderful thing. But at the same time, He does not want us to spend every minute of every day working. There is a time for rest…

The Sabbath’s rest, where we come back into alignment with the Lord and refresh ourselves through His nature—through worshiping Him, seeking Him, and finding Him. 

The ‘rest’ of fellowship with likeminded Believers. 

The ‘rest’ of bringing God’s light to others outside of our daily habits and patterns of work. 

The ‘rest’ of family…

God intends for us to work—be it raising a family, caring for someone, or working at a daily job—because He crafted each of us for a purpose… a call. But this is meant to be paired with other things. He also intends for us to seek Him, to rest, to fellowship, and more of whatever else the day or season requires. He understands the need for balance!

Yet, while work and rest—particularly Sabbath rest—stand as perhaps one of the keenest examples of balance in our faith walk, there are other things which, while likely more ‘mundane,’ still requires balance to further our walk with God. These can range from:

  • How we care for God’s Temple (our bodies)
  • What we do or do not think about
  • What we do or do not eat—physically and spiritually
  • What we say or do not say
  • How we spend our time and another’s time
  • What we ‘pick up’—take on—and what we set down
  • And many more…

No matter what area it is in, if we obsess over something or avoid something, nine times out of ten we are probably not walking in balance. OR, in other words, we are not walking in the direction of the Holy Spirit—aligning with His will and ways.

Yes, there are certainly things we ought to avoid because we are meant to walk in God’s ways and not the ways of the world. And yes, there are going to be things that we are meant to focus on—though obsession is not the best way to do this. But ultimately God’s ways, the ways of His Spirit in us, are not going to lead us into paths that allow for actions that are harmful for our bodies, or worrisome to our emotions. 

Through God-given times and seasons. Through work and Sabbath rest. Through waking and sleeping… God has shown us that His ways will always bring His daily instruction of wisdom, discernment and peace to our body, spirit, and soul—our mind, will and emotions.  To create a balance… to show us a need for His balance. For it is only through God and His Spirit in us, that we can truly understand what balance is…

Where a Holy Spirit led balance can become our ‘new’ normal.

Male hand holding Christian compass pointing to the Holy Spirit showing Godly balance.

A Holy Spirit Led Balance 

When we are walking in our own desires, or in legalism, we get out of balance. However, when we are walking in tune with the Holy Spirit in us, we walk in balance.

Consider the Sadducees and Pharisees Jesus encountered. Yes, in many ways they followed the Laws and Commandments of God, but due to their desire to be seen and their legalism in their walk with God, they got out of balance. So much so that they were not able to see when God was standing right in front of them! Because, with their being off balance, they thought that God was someone He is not. They thought that His ways were different then they truly are…

“‘For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,’ says the Lord.”

—Isaiah 55:8

“They said to him, ‘Where is this ‘father’ of yours?’ Yeshua answered, ‘You know neither me nor my Father; if you knew me, you would know my Father too.’”

—John 8:19 (CJB)

“For I am the Lord, I do not change; therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob.”

—Malachi 3:6

Sin will always be sin. God will always be God. And His ways will always be His ways. But we need the Holy Spirit—along with God’s Word, time spent in His presence and in prayer—to truly understand the difference. To walk wholly in step with God. In balance.

“…be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in his eyes.”

—Romans 12:2 (TPT)

It is time for us to invite the Holy Spirit to have His way in us. To lead us in right paths.It is time for us to accept His FIRE, so we can walk in Godly balance. Because God has created us to be His light, and He is the key to our walk. He is the key to balance.