The Believer’s Guide to Hanukkah

Bring the Light of Yeshua into Your Home during the Holidays.

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Dedication. Hope. Family.

Light the candles of Hanukkah and usher in the Light of the Lord!

Are you looking to bring more depth, truth, and joy to the holidays? This FREE guide brings the light of Yeshua into your home for the holiday season. Celebrate in a way that connects you to the roots of your faith!

One New Man

The Believer’s Guide to Hanukkah Guide will…

  • Create traditions
    for your family
  • Bring the love of the Father
    into your home
  • Help your family enjoy
    this Hanukkah season to the fullest

Learning about Hanukkah will help you…

 Experience a time of
awakening and dedication

Restore your joy and hope
for the season

 Allow Holy Spirit to cleanse
you, your family, and your home