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Share the importance of the Passover and Shavuot/Pentecost with your children.

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You’re a Prayer Warrior for the Next Generation

The next generation needs to know the hope and deliverance available to them through Yeshua, and how blessings are released during God’s appointed times.

The Passover and Shavuot/Pentecost stories are perfect opportunities to teach your children about their legacy and inheritance in Yeshua. The stories touch their spirits and point them to Jesus.

Teaching children about the Spring Feasts of the Lord helps children…

See God’s love and redemption

See God’s Word is
faithful and truth

See God’s heart for
them to be free

Colorful and Engaging!

The Children’s Spring Feast Guide…

  • Is full of colorful imagery to capture a child’s attention, making it easy for them to see God’s heart behind each feast
  • Explains the blessings released and provides scriptures tied to the prophetic significance of each feast 
  • Gives tips on how to celebrate and engage with children to help them remember the purpose of each feast